Rent-to-Own What if I can no longer afford the instalments of my rent-to-own car?


Making your way from A to B can be a complicated and roundabout journey when forced to rely on public transport. From train breakdowns to frequent stops and inconvenient price hikes, a simple trip can become a nightmare of a commute, and that’s without the added pressure of travelling with children. At Car-Finance, we specialise in rent-to-own financing to help you get into the driver’s seat as soon as possible.

Life can turn in an instant, and you may find yourself wondering, “What if I can no longer afford the instalments of my rent to own car?” With Car-Finance, you can simply return the car, and all monies paid up to that point will be taken as the monthly rental fee. This means that if you run into financial difficulties and can no longer manage the monthly instalments, you have the option of immediately returning the vehicle to Car-Finance without fear of legal action. Avoiding a credit judgement or history of poor repayments is vital as it will negatively impact your credit rating and chances of gaining trusted financial assistance in the future.

Investing in a car in South Africa is rarely cheap or easy, which is why Car-Finance makes it a priority to simplify the process by offering a viable and trusted alternative to traditional car financing - rent-to-own. What makes rent-to-own different - and in most cases, a preferable option - is that it does not require a credit check. It is also available to blacklisted individuals and provides a quick and effective exit strategy should your financial responsibilities become too much.

Unlike traditional car financing where you are held liable for the full amount or risk having your car repossessed, rent-to-own allows you to give up the expense when you need to - no questions asked.

With Car-Finance, you will never have to panic about attempting to pay off car instalments you can no longer afford. Our expert team will help you find the car of your dreams that is within your budget, and will always assist you should you need to stop payments and return the vehicle. No hidden fees or clauses - just trusted and transparent service designed to help you. For more information, contact our team today.